• 7th District
  • We need a Congressperson who will stand up for our Constitution and against those who want to destroy our Republic.

    The Left has undermined families and attempted to criminalize masculinity, all while promoting Government dependence and jeopardizing our National Security.

    I am the only 7th district candidate that understands how to end the onslaught against American families. My personal experience in overcoming the Leftist agenda is the same determination I will bring to this fight.

    APC DEBATE: Congressional District 7 (R)
    2020 Republican Primary

    Congressional District 7 (R) Debate Candidates: Lisa Noel Babbage, Mark Gonsalves, Lynne Homrich, Zachary Kennemore, Rich McCormick, Renee Unterman, Eugene Yu. Moderator: Rose Scott, WABE Panelist: Curt Yoemans, Gwinnett Daily Post

    Honoring Black History Month Featuring Dr Lisa Babbage
    Black Hisory Month

    Dr. Lisa Noël Babbage is an author, teacher, and philanthropist who has dedicated her keyboard to challenging topics that edify her readers. As the great-granddaughter, four times removed, of English polymath Charles Babbage, she spent fifteen years teaching math and science in the public school system in Georgia, where she lives. In 2011, she took a three-year leave of absence from her profession to inaugurate a non-profit organization, Maranatha House Ministries (MHM, Inc.), aimed at the fight against homelessness.

    Black Voices for Trump
    Donald Trump

    As a member of Black Voices for Trump, Lisa Babbage joins her conservative voice to dozens of other community leaders from across the United States in a singular focus, and for a singular cause: to share the message and support for President Donald J. Trump.

    Family Policy Alliance Rally for Life

    Legislators and key activists to affirm that Gwinnett County – where more than half the Georgia congressional seats that went from pro-life to pro-abortion in 2018 are located – will boldly stand for life in 2020. Family Policy Alliance of Georgia celebrates the passing of the Living Infants Fairness and Equality (LIFE) Act. The historic moment was marked with a press conference and a commitment to take back Gwinnett for Life in 2020. The LIFE Act was signed into law by governor Kemp on May 7, 2019.

    Opposing Hollywood’s Anti-Georgia Threat | Georgia Right to Life Press Conference
    Film Industry

    Georgia Right to Life (GRTL) Executive Director Zemmie Fleck, Pro-Life Advocate Carolyn Garcia, Pro-Life Speaker and GRTL Cherokee County Right to Life Chapter Leader Suzanne Guy, and Lisa Babbage of Women in Action; announcing the Netflix Boycott Petition campaign in association with Personhood Alliance, in response to Living Infant Fairness and Equality Act of 2019.

    “Thank you, Governor Kemp” with Babies' Lives Matter

    Along with various other Pro-Life organizations from around the state, Lisa served as the key note speaker for a press conference held on the Georgia State Capital steps, on the heels of a foavrable vote on the Living Infants Fairness and Equality (LIFE) Act.

    One Conservative Vote

    Our nation is seemingly divided. Conservatism, at its core, is about unity - downplaying differences between people groups and focusing on those things that bind us together. While liberalism celebrates, and often, champions the differences in people, we can see the way we have chosen to recognize differences has not done us any good. This message is a plea for unity and personal accountability as a means of survival.

    Call to Action

    Engaged conservative women from around the metro area gathered in an Atlanta hotel to create a plea for the government to intervene into black communities, especially those conservatives who share their values. Lisa Babbage and her mother, LaNell Babbage-Torres spearheaded organized and directed this commercial for the 2018 midterm elections.

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