• 7th District
  • Meet Lisa

    I was born in Philadelphia, near the end of the civil rights movement, a movement my parents and grandparents were all actively involved in. I became involved in politics officially as a teen, working campaigns, and sharing my activism with classmates, friends, and neighbors. Despite the financial devastation I experienced as a result of my parents' divorce, I continued fighting for what I saw as pivotal social issues and national crises of conscience. In the shadow of the Georgia State Capitol, where I spent my childhood, I started a neighborhood newspaper urging families to expose their children to every area of academia.

    Even though I struggled in school due to some of the after affects of American poverty (having to move every year), I continued my pursuit of higher education part time, so that I had time to spend with my two children. I received a Bachelor’s in Information Technology from American InterContinental University, a Master’s in Education from Mercer University, and pursued a doctoral degree in Public Service from Capella University before being diagnosed with a brain tumor. After a two year recovery, I went on to independently publish twenty-two books, become an adjunct professor at Southeastern University, and continue my fifteen year career with DeKalb County School System.

    In 2018, I founded Women In Action, a nonpartisan civic organization aimed at revitalizing urban communities in Georgia and throughout the southeast. I was named the Georgia State Director for Virginia Women for Trump, Georgia Women for Trump Co-Director for Gwinnett County, Georgia State Committee Member for the State of Georgia Republican Party, and Executive Board member of the Gwinnett County Republican Party. I believe the Republican platform is the pathway to the American Dream because conservative values keep families and communities together. I believe our Constitution is the foundation for those values.

    What differentiates me from other candidates is that I am a product of both the Grady Homes housing project when I spent my early childhood in Georgia, but also a product of extreme engenuity. My great-great-grandfather, Charles Babbage invented the first computer. My grandfather, the Reverend Dr. Stuart Babbage, immigrated to this country just to march with Dr. King and other Republicans as they integrated colleges, public parks, and churches. My parents both bare scars on their forehead given by Democratic leadership in Georgia that “abhorred race mixing.” Furthermore, after a bout with cancer more than fifteen years ago, and a brain tumor diagnosis, I am proud to stand up for this nation and the opportunity it provides. I co-founded IChooseLoveCampaign.org with my family to show others what it means to be a patriot.

    My commitment to Georgia and to this country is deeply rooted in the fact that I had to overcome overwhelming odds of learning how to read later in life, facing racism, and having to overcome the trauma of sexual abuse just to be faced by my own divorce years later. Yet despite these blows, America gave me an opportunity to still seek freedom, economically and socially. From a personal perspective, I understand why our Constitution must be defended, in its entirety. Yet, I am compassionate enough to also understand what it takes to make it work for all of America’s citizens: black, white, asian, and hispanic; wealthy or poor, religious or non-religious, gay or straight.